5 star training course 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



Course capacity


Period to hour


Number of sessions



Course level


Expiration date

2 years


Education Courses

Journal of Implantation

1- Alexa
2- Pencil
3- Edge
4- Aquarium

  • Course Features
  • prerequisites
  • Advantages of the course
  • Further Details
  • 2 days workshop (training and repetition in class)
  • By presenting a certificate (Five-star rank) from Sougal Haddad Academy and official brand
  • It is necessary to participate in a five-star course (participation in a four-star course). Otherwise, the applicant will only receive a one-star degree (attending a specific class)
  • The person with a five-star rating succeeds in attending a specialized journal of implant placement and earns the Five_star rank.
  • How to evaluate each course: Attend the training class and take all the hours provided (attendance on time in class)
  • Provide a correct and principled work sample in class (get a minimum score of 90)
  • Justified behavior and character according to Islamic customs (before the meeting / during the meeting / after the meeting)
  • Respect the rules of the class
  • Carrying the equipment needed for the work and completing it (if necessary and prior notice)
  • ** It is worth mentioning that non-compliance with the rules of the brand, even after obtaining a degree and degree, will invalidate it and remove the mentioned person from the academy.
  • ** Documents have an expiration date and each person will be required to update the course period within a specified period of time
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