• Elegant Pink Powder American Harmony 105 gr
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Elegant Pink Powder American Harmony 105 gr

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105 grams of nail implant powder made by Harmony Company in the United States, nail implant powder is one of the main and most important nail implant materials. From the combination of powder and liquid nail implants, the main artificial materials for nail implants are created and used in acrylic implants. The quality of nail implant powder is very important and ensures the durability and strength of the work. Harmony nail implant powders are one of the best powders. Harmony nail implant powder is made of very fine grains, which indicates the high quality of the product. Harmony will be one of your best options if you are looking for high quality products. The size of 105 grams of this product is suitable for nail workers who have a medium workload. If you have a large workload, you can save on costs by purchasing a size of 660 grams of harmonic powder.

Application of pink nail implant powder:

These powders are usually light pink in color in the dry state, but after blending with the liquid (and polishing) they become clear and will have a soft background of pink. They do not have the property of covering (covering) and show the lower surface in detail, and only by having a soft background of pink color, they give a natural and transparent state to the planting. It is commonly used for simple implants to maintain the natural appearance of nails. Pink powder families are divided into broad categories in terms of pink tonnage differences, and due to the low or high amount of pink tonnage, they have different names in each brand. Including Light Pink, Dark Pink and ….

About the Harmony Factory

Harmony Nail Implant Products and Design Factory was founded in 2009 by Danny Hill in the United States. Over the past few years, the brand has received more than 60 awards in the United States and other countries, and is arguably one of the best brands of nail implants in the world. The high quality of harmonica products has always increased the durability and quality of work of nail artists and has achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction, so nail technicians who use the products of this brand are very interested in harmonic products.


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