60g Clear poly gel Harmony

price : 1,900,000 $

count :


One of the newest nail implant products in the gel line is polygels. Polygels are odorless due to the lack of need for liquid monomer and do not damage the nail tissue. Some polygels, such as Harmony, contain a special polyethylene liquid that differs from the monomer liquid used in powder coating. Polygels have recently become very popular because they do no harm to the nail shell and act as an insulating and protective layer on the nail.

The material of poly gel is very important for easy fixation on the nail, because if you use poor quality poly gel, it is very possible for it to crack and separate from the nail. Harmonious nail implant polygels are made of the best ingredients and what distinguishes this product from other similar products is the special liquid for polymer harmonica. Polygels in combination with liquid polygels form a very durable and high-quality tissue harmony gel to make it easy for nail artists to think in any way.

The high concentration of harmonic polygels is higher than other polygels, which doubles the endurance of nails compared to implants with other polygels. The various colors of this product allow you to use any color you want in your planting according to your interest.

The 60-gram polymer gel made by Harmony Company in the United States has an extremely high quality and its ratio, volume and price are quite affordable. But Harmony Company has designed a tool for the optimal use of this product for you dear ones, which is located at the end of the product and makes sure that no material remains at the end of it.

Application of Clear (transparent) paint

This color is completely glassy and colorless, in no way has the ability to cover (cover) and has no color, and shows the underlying surface in all its details. It is usually used to cover implants that want to show the details under the implant and not change color, but the surface should be smooth and polished. (For example, the last layer in the planting of make-up, which is responsible for leveling the surface and creating an arch).


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