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Liquid 1000 ml American Harmony Company

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Liquid nail implants made by Harmony Company in the United States with a volume of 960 ml. One of the main materials for implanting nail powder (acrylic) is monomer solution. The combination of this liquid with the powder creates the main artificial ingredients for nails. Harmony has been producing this product since 2009 and is one of the top brands in the world. In today’s booming nail market, where we see a lot of low-quality and counterfeit brands being used by profiteers, the existence of a genuine American brand such as Harmony is a great achievement. Harmony liquid has a moderate drying speed that makes it easy for beginners and professionals to work with.

Kaj Store guarantees the official sales representative of Harmony Product Harmony Company and offers this product to a nail technician who values ​​the quality of their work. We recommend the purchase of this product with a volume of 960 ml to nail technicians who have a high workload. If you have low workload, you can reduce your cost by buying smaller sizes of this product.

About the Harmony Factory

Harmony Nail Implant Products and Design Factory was founded in 2009 by Danny Hill in the United States. Over the past few years, the brand has received more than 60 awards in the United States and other countries, and is arguably one of the best brands of nail implants in the world. The high quality of harmonica products has always increased the durability and quality of work of nail artists and has achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction, so nail technicians who use the products of this brand are very interested in harmonic products.

There are two categories of liquids on the Iranian market, MMA and EMA. EMA Lycoids are for nail implants, which are also included in this category of Lycoids.

MMA Liquids and the Impacts of Their Use in Nail Implants:

As mentioned, MMA lipids that are used in dentistry are not recommended for nail implants. Nail fungus, skin blemishes and fungus, nail plate loss, cloudy and yellow implants and the impact on infant DNA in pregnant women. The main use of dental fluid is in the manufacture of dentures, and doctors do not use it to repair teeth. Some of the brand names for MMA liqueurs on the market are: odorless liquid, colorless liquid, dental liquid and bulk liquid. Unfortunately, some colleagues use these liqueurs in nail implants because they are cheap, and they cause irreparable damage to themselves and their customers.

EMA Liquids for Nail Implants:

Nail implants are methyl methacrylate (EMA) lipids, which are often light blue or purple in color, which means that implanted nails do not change color over time and become dull and yellow. These lipids are specially made for work in the beauty industry. As you know, nail tissue is much softer and weaker than teeth, and EMA lipoids have compounds compatible with nail tissue. EMA liquids have an odor, and there is no such thing as an odorless liquid in these liquids. The structure of these liquids has been approved by the US FDA, and all reputable companies that produce nail implant products are required to comply with this structure.


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